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Wait until Islam has the majority of local followers...

Great. The local Imam calls for referendum on civil unions.

As a religious leader the Imam is entitled to his 'qualified' opinions. The rest of us are entitled to ours... 

Why should the majority rule on matters of lifestyle or on human rights? What if the majority are morons?  This is the same like in the case of divorce here in Malta; I did not see why divorce should have been an optional legal provision.

Sadly, Malta is still suffering from its constitutional link to the Catholic Church, and as a practicing catholic myself, I disagree in principle that our country pledges allegiances to any 'official' religion. I believe the state should be 100% secular and driven by the up-keeping of human rights and democracy as its guiding dogma.
Why should such basic notions of freedom still be questioned? We're in the 21st century and an EU country for God's sakes. Questioning the existence of gays, demonizing them, criminalizing them, legalizing against them, etc is bizarre, blatantly unnatural and actually futile. Even the Pope himself distances himself from judging gays. Why should the Imam do otherwise? Well, am I surprised? Not really. I believe that gays need to be given their full rights as citizens, irrespective of what one religion (or any religion) thinks on the matter. They ought to have  their right to civil unions and protection by law like in the case of marriage for heterosexuals. Like that, there will be equal & fair rights for all sexes. 

Just think about it. Imagine Islam was the leading religion in Malta and the Imam gets his way and a referendum was held. Imagine if a referendum is then also held on other sensitive issues, like the introduction of Sharia law, etc. Scary? Just look at Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. They are very close, and in serious turmoil. Just imagine what this pseudo-democratic drive for a referendum can lead us into, especially with a constitution like ours that has the major local religion (Catholicism) as its official religion....With the same reasoning, in some 30 years time, Islam may very well replace Catholicism as the state's official region if it becomes a matter of numbers. Our dwindling birth rate points clearly in that direction, don't you think? 

Read this 'impressive piece of intellectual mambo jumbo' here:


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