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Another mask, anyone?

POEM Our precious soil, betrays our innocence How many more Must perish Souring over our barren land? Undeserving of so precious Blood We are! Of so graceful Creatures ...they adorn our skies and cry their last desperate sorrows for the bigotry of its inhabitants and their bizarre gods of gore and limestone and euro orgies of smoky, petrified incense as they kneel in front of HE whom they claim to adore. How many more Must perish Souring over our barren land? As the exchequer squambles over another excuse With his peers He jokes over how great he is In his infinite wisdom And his children look for A morrow where feathers are Nothing but Exhibits in classroom books Hailing from days gone by... And deep within each soil granule So miniscule, insignificant Lies the blood of them... The souring angels, Up above... Ray de Bono 9th March 2010 He/she who wants to understand, let him/her understand... ........................................
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Elusive, lost Love

Play this music whilst reading it… I am happy Thrilled So full of life Yet inept And so bizarre in my fetish muse That dictates my testosterone driven vibe In this chess game In the dark… She left Killed the warmth That engulfed my abyss Setting alight Wrath so hellish …at the Maker’s standalone whims My Useless howling In the wind… Tear drenched eyes Alone, yet in a crowd of pseudo-passion Like flashes In the dark Not even a twinkling candle Just a puff of light Micro seconds Quick-and-go.. Chilled heart In gay hilarity White wine thrash Dripping Lousy mornings… How many more Yet to come? Pathetic pretentious Scribbles of mine… Ray de Bono Monday, July 20, 2009

Ode to Hypocrisy

I stood there and gasped Thinking I know That what I hear See and feel Is anything but factual Words targeted solely at pleasing me for peace sake I stared at the mirror And heard the clatter and wind The chiming of church bells And the howling swears of idle street hawkers selling veggies and kitchen ware with their pseudo- lucky charms And blessed virgins adorning their vans... But I see no man around No woman... I say I am alone All is good All is fine And the smoky sky And putrefying air Is fine As long as we both Say so All is fine. Ray de Bono Thursday, 04 March 2010

Dmax (Malta) Strengthens its Online Services with Mobile Solutions

Dmax, the local creative IT solutions and branding company has just celebrated its 5th anniversary. It is the brainchild of Ray de Bono, the group’s chief executive officer, who saw the potential of combining creativity with ICT after working in Germany and partnering with Uwe Schönfeld, a German with a strong background in IT and finance. This partnership led to the launch of Dmax in January 2006, which since then has focused on local and international IT and branding solutions that have a strong element of creativity. The company develops dynamic web content (in specialised markets like insurance, banking, finance, health services, retail and ICT) ready for accessibility via multiple platforms, not just PCs. It is also experienced in planning and managing social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) services. “Sixty per cent of what we produce is already exported,” Mr de Bono explained to i-Tech from his office, while showing off one of their latest creations

Dmax opens London Office, Launches ERP Services in Malta

Dmax , together with its new international partners hailing from the communications and branding industry, has recently set up a new business arm in UK with an office in London. Offering the whole range of IT and Corporate Branding support as Dmax Malta, Dmax & Associates UK Ltd will be managing international projects currently underway. After a number of years experience in the German market, Dmax is now also offering support on INFOR ERP LN (formerly known as BaaN). Dmax, together with its affiliate Partner company Inobis Consulting Group Ltd, was project leader of the BaaN IV implementation project at Vfw AG in1998. This year, Dmax was appointed project leader for the migration project to INFOR ERP LN F6, the latest and state-of-the-art. ERP system for companies within the production or logistics business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), like INFOR ERP LN, is an integrated computer-based system used to manage internal and external resources, including tangible assets, finan

Smart Phones set to take over ‘conventional’ Mobile Phones during this decade even in Malta

Article by Ray de bono, CEO - Dmax Marketers the world over are always on the lookout for intelligent marketing media that give them the edge over competition. The holy grail of marketing is a cost-effective medium offering high ROI, real-time statistical data and the capacity to narrow down or broaden reach of target audience at will. The way technology is evolving right now, the much desired solution may very much literally already be in our own hands… According to a Deloitte Report of Technologies published in 2010, the Growth in demand for smart phones - devices boasting powerful processors, abundant memories, large screens and open operating systems - has outpaced the rest of the mobile phone market for several years.Already in 2008, smart phone sales increased by almost 35 percent, while the market as a whole grew 10 percent. By year-end, smart phones had taken 13 percent of the total handset market. Operators need data traffic growth to offset declining margins for voice and SMS

Situations Vacant

Join our team selling the leading e-mail marketing software around... We are looking for smart, IT conversant sales associates to join our team promoting and selling Dmax e-paper ( which today is already a leader in terms of email sales + marketing syste. On-the-job training on system will be provided. Package will consist of salary plus attractive commission commensurate with experience will be offered to the chosen candidate(s). Are you interested? Send Application addressed to CEO by email to Closing date: 10th May 2010 Confidentiality Guaranteed. The Product (in-a-nut-shell) Dmax™ e-paper is a state-of-the-art e-mail marketing system with which Dmax™ continues to expand its innovative range of web solutions. Market studies show that e-mail marketing gives a return on investment immediately both in terms of exposure as well as sales. HTML e-mails have consistently outperformed plain text, garnering more opens, more clicks and better response rates. Thr

Dmax is Expanding in Germany

Jens Thomas,IT Director VfW GmbH , Germany speaks to our blog editor about his company's experience with Dmax. Where does Vfw GmbH rank right now in your sector and where do you see your company in five years time? Vfw started to offer a solution for German health care market in the middle of the 90's and established itself as a clear market leader in this sector. In 2008 the German government introduced the 5th Novella of the packaging law. As a result of this law, Vfw started launched a new service product called Vfw REPACK DS on 1st January 2009. At the moment there are 9 service providers in the market. Vfw won so far from this ex monopolized market a share of about 3 to 4 % nationwide and it is our target to get 10% of the whole packaging market in the near future. VfW operates in the green industry sector, contributing to a better environment by recycling otherwise wasted resources. How has IT helped your operations apart from the traditional administrative resources it

Why the trees disappeared from Sacred Island of Malta...

Yes, folks. Malta was full of trees. It is reported in history books by many travelers that heralded to our shores, some willingly, like Al Himyari ( ), others accidentally, like St. Paul, the bearded chap in robes, you remember him? They all reported on how green the island was, covered with woods, and inhabited by a relentless humanoid species, which our patron saint aptly referred to as Barbarians (grazzi ta Sur San Pawl, ey! ). In the year 6,250BC, in Bir Lonzu, limits of where today we have Bubaqra, at the time when there was a temple construction boom (yes, it started much earlier...), Dudu and Duda, with their little boy Dudinu, started cutting trees, more and more... Until there were NONE left... or almost... Dudinu grew and formed the Malta Logging Company, that boomed for some time but went in liquidation, centuries later as the last Balluta tree fell over Sciberras Hill, in circa 1530AD. And do you want to know the latest? Why wa