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And in Malta when? We need a breath of Fresh Air!

Expats a political force in Spain

Independent political parties dominated by expatriates - many of them British - are campaigning for the first time in Spain's local elections.

Mick Blake (left) is vice-president of one of the expat-dominated partiesThe BBC's Danny Wood examines this new phenomenon in San Fulgencio, in the southeastern province of Alicante.
Never before have European expats taken to the Spanish political arena like this.

They are the backbone of new political parties that have more expats on their lists of candidates than locally-born Spaniards.

Since the 1960s, the beaches, sun and affordable fiesta lifestyle have drawn millions of Europeans to Spain for holidays.

And not just holidays - there are now about 1.5 million expats resident in Spain, mainly British and Germans, many concentrated on the Costa Blanca around Valencia and Alicante, on the Costa del Sol and in the Balearic Islands.

For more than a decade, European Union residents have had the right to vote and…

Allow Hunting, by all means, but only if...

1. One proves he/she is starving, has no other subsistence, no other alternative food source. One should not allow anyone to starve, when there are so many wild birds around, ey?

2. All hunters must prove that they are not littering. Seriously, anyone can get fines for littering so why are hunters allowed to shoot thousands of lead pellets all over the place, and get away with it? I mean, lead is known to be cancerogenic, and with the amounts dumped in our soil every year we must have the a sauciest lethal cocktail seeping into our water table and turning up into our vegetables...No wonder we have such high cancer rates on the island!

Only if these 2 points are rigorously met will I tolerate hunting in Malta.

Ray de Bono