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Common sense prevails. At last!

Malta applies to rejoin PFP
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The Cabinet has decided that Malta should reactivate its membership in the Partnership for Peace, the government said.

Malta had joined the PFP in 1995 but withdrew its membership in 1996, following a change in government.

The government said that joining the PFP will not effect Malta's neutrality but will enhance its participation within the EU. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Malta will also benefit from the membership since it will be able to participate in different exercises such as humanitarian and rescue exercises.

The fact that Malta was not part of the PFP was creating hindrances since the government did not have access to confidential documents that the NATO and other PFP members exchanged between them.


The price to pay for being a Iraq

Kontu informati? Did you know? Eravate informati?
Kidnapped Iraqi archbishop dead from:

Archbishop Rahho's body was found buried near MosulPaulos Faraj Rahho, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop in Iraq who was kidnapped last month, has been found dead near the northern city of Mosul.

An Iraqi police officer and morgue official confirmed reports that the archbishop's body had been found buried near Mosul, where he had been abducted.

The Vatican said Pope Benedict XVI was profoundly moved and saddened by Archbishop Rahho's death.

He was kidnapped soon after he left Mass in Mosul on 29 February.
According to the SIR Catholic news agency, the kidnappers told Iraqi church officials on Wednesday that Archbishop Rahho was very ill and, later on Wednesday, that he was dead.
It is not clear whether he was killed, or died of natural causes. Nobody has claimed responsibility for his death.

The archbishop was the latest in a long line of Chalde…