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Dmax Recruitement Call Summer 08

Viva il-BASS drivers! (aka 'bus drivers' currently going on a rampage with a strike...)

I am not against Strikes. I am against Thugs!
1. How in a modern EU country are certain things allowed to happen?
2. Where are the Police + Armed Forces?
3. What will be the implications on Brand Malta??
4. Is it not illegal to kidnap a Person off a bus, beat him and to block a Street with a vehicle? Was anyone arrested - with all the witnesses around??

Solution: The government should invite other EU transport providers to come and operate emergency services in Malta. The government should offer them and passengers alike security to immediately restore a safe transport service in Malta for all, and quick.

Message to Strikers: Get an education. Nobody is above the law. All other businesses have competition, even pastizzi vendors - YOU are not any more special than the rest of us.

PS: 'Bass' (pronounced exactly like the English word 'bus' in Maltese is slang for 'to fart', or to put in mildly, to 'release air'. Ray de Bono for Dmax Online Blog