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Another mask, anyone?

POEM Our precious soil,betrays our innocence

How many more
Must perish
Souring over our barren land?
Undeserving of so precious
We are!
Of so graceful

...they adorn our skies
and cry their last desperate
for the bigotry of its inhabitants
and their bizarre gods
of gore and limestone
and euro
of smoky, petrified
as they kneel in front
of HE
whom they claim
to adore.

How many more
Must perish
Souring over our barren land?

As the exchequer squambles over another excuse
With his peers
He jokes over how great he is
In his infinite wisdom
And his children look for
A morrow where feathers are
Nothing but Exhibits in classroom books
Hailing from days gone by...

And deep within each soil granule
So miniscule, insignificant
Lies the blood of them...

The souring angels,
Up above...

Ray de Bono
9th March 2010
He/she who wants to understand, let him/her understand... ..................................................................
Written upon reading: http://w…

Elusive, lost Love

Play this music whilst reading it…

I am happy
So full of life
Yet inept
And so bizarre in my fetish muse
That dictates my testosterone driven vibe
In this chess game
In the dark…

She left
Killed the warmth
That engulfed my abyss
Setting alight Wrath so hellish
…at the Maker’s standalone whims

My Useless howling
In the wind…

Tear drenched eyes

Alone, yet in a crowd of pseudo-passion
Like flashes
In the dark

Not even a twinkling candle

Just a puff of light
Micro seconds

Chilled heart
In gay hilarity
White wine thrash

Lousy mornings…
How many more
Yet to come?

Pathetic pretentious
Scribbles of mine…

Ray de Bono
Monday, July 20, 2009

Ode to Hypocrisy

I stood there and gasped
I know
That what I hear
See and feel
Is anything but factual
Words targeted solely
at pleasing me
for peace sake

I stared at the mirror

And heard the clatter and wind
The chiming of church bells
And the howling swears
of idle street hawkers
selling veggies and kitchen ware
with their pseudo- lucky charms
And blessed virgins adorning their vans...

But I see no man around
No woman...

I say

I am alone

All is good

All is fine

And the smoky sky
And putrefying air
Is fine
As long as we both
Say so

All is fine.

Ray de Bono
Thursday, 04 March 2010