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Dmax (Malta) Strengthens its Online Services with Mobile Solutions

Dmax, the local creative IT solutions and branding company has just celebrated its 5th anniversary. It is the brainchild of Ray de Bono, the group’s chief executive officer, who saw the potential of combining creativity with ICT after working in Germany and partnering with Uwe Schönfeld, a German with a strong background in IT and finance.This partnership led to the launch of Dmax in January 2006, which since then has focused on local and international IT and branding solutions that have a strong element of creativity.The company develops dynamic web content (in specialised markets like insurance, banking, finance, health services, retail and ICT) ready for accessibility via multiple platforms, not just PCs. It is also experienced in planning and managing social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) services.“Sixty per cent of what we produce is already exported,” Mr de Bono explained to i-Tech from his office, while showing off one of their latest creations, a g…