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Feeling Poetic is a Sickness...

Ma Nafx!

I don’t know
Ma nafx

I am not in love

I am captivated


I am a collection of photos shifting in the wind

Clapping my hands against sighs of approval as I doze off thinking

Afloat on dreams of caverns that…

Hugging me dear

Oh dear!

….twinkling stars

How I wish I can stay there

I don’t know
Ma Nafx

Ray de Bono 18.09.07

Libya goes Nuclear thanks to French President! Hurray...

Moody Days

I Wonder

When it is my turn to die,
Will I ponder on my days afar?
Will I yearn for your arms and cry?

When it is my turn to die,
Will I despair in a lonely chill?
Will I hold your hands in mine?

When it is my turn to die,
Will I close my eyes and sigh?
Will lost loved ones linger on the other side?

Ray de Bono

Goodmorning, Malta!

The problem with illegal immigrants in Malta is not the illegal immigrants themselves but the Maltese people!

Why I like Daphne's Reasoning...
(Thumbs Up!)

There isn’t a single EU member state that hasn’t got problems with illegal immigration, and here come the whining Maltese, behaving as though illegal immigration was invented just for Malta. There are illegal immigrants pouring in to the EU from every point on its borders except the Atlantic coast, and even there hopeful immigrants are working their way in from Morocco to the tip of Spain and Portugal. Albanians have been pouring in to Greece and Italy for years. Bulgarians and Romanians, before they became part of the EU, were streaming in and making their way all over. Russians and Serbians are everywhere. The big cities of Europe are chock-a-block with Chinese. Almost all these people want to make their way to the United Kingdom as the ultimate pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. They try desperate measures to get in, incl…

And in Malta when? We need a breath of Fresh Air!

Expats a political force in Spain

Independent political parties dominated by expatriates - many of them British - are campaigning for the first time in Spain's local elections.

Mick Blake (left) is vice-president of one of the expat-dominated partiesThe BBC's Danny Wood examines this new phenomenon in San Fulgencio, in the southeastern province of Alicante.
Never before have European expats taken to the Spanish political arena like this.

They are the backbone of new political parties that have more expats on their lists of candidates than locally-born Spaniards.

Since the 1960s, the beaches, sun and affordable fiesta lifestyle have drawn millions of Europeans to Spain for holidays.

And not just holidays - there are now about 1.5 million expats resident in Spain, mainly British and Germans, many concentrated on the Costa Blanca around Valencia and Alicante, on the Costa del Sol and in the Balearic Islands.

For more than a decade, European Union residents have had the right to vote and…

Allow Hunting, by all means, but only if...

1. One proves he/she is starving, has no other subsistence, no other alternative food source. One should not allow anyone to starve, when there are so many wild birds around, ey?

2. All hunters must prove that they are not littering. Seriously, anyone can get fines for littering so why are hunters allowed to shoot thousands of lead pellets all over the place, and get away with it? I mean, lead is known to be cancerogenic, and with the amounts dumped in our soil every year we must have the a sauciest lethal cocktail seeping into our water table and turning up into our vegetables...No wonder we have such high cancer rates on the island!

Only if these 2 points are rigorously met will I tolerate hunting in Malta.

Ray de Bono

MALTA: New Ideas Needed!

In Malta we are blessed with an abundance on sun and wind energy, not to mention wave energy. This surely presents us with potentially suitable alternative energy sources given we (and forget about the government, people), WE the Maltese ourselves come up with feasible options. We cannot keep depending on our governments. We can take the initiative. We can succeed.

It takes a good, bright idea, and loads of motivation. We can do it.

Portugal managed. Why not us?

Portugal opens major solar plant

The solar power plant is based in one of Europe's sunniest areas of Portugal and is probably the world's most powerful solar power plant.

The array of electricity-generating solar panels covers about 60 hectares (150 acres) in one of Europe's sunniest areas in southern Portugal. Officials say the plant should produce enough energy to supply 8,000 homes.

The plant is part of Portugal's efforts to cut its reliance on imported fuel and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that add to glo…

At the soft underbelly of Europe

We have been there. Fought potentially oblivious of forming an integral part of the tapestry of Europe, yet our forefathers died on the battle ground that has morphed the Europe that is today. And now it’s the 50th Anniversary. A call for celebration, of the peace secured, of people united, of sovereignty shared, of shared differences, languages, races and livelihoods.

We are new in the Union but as age old Europeans we have shared a common history to most of our neighbours; as a Roman province, a Moorish conquest, a Norman liberated land, a Spanish dominion, a reluctant Knights base, a French dominion and ultimately, a willing British Colony.

Irrespective of their geographical and numeric disadvantages, the Maltese too have paid a dear price and in many humble yet instrumental ways, moulded European history in its present shape.

At the soft underbelly of Europe lies our semi desert island, over populated, thriving economy, petty environmental standards, peripheral if not pathetic politi…

We are Pathetic.

The Right to Blog: The Egyptian Experience

Long Live Blogging: And they say Egypt is Free!?

Blog trial: A lengthy jail sentence looms for a 22-year-old blogger accused of insulting President Hosni Mubarak. Abdel Karim Nabil Suleiman was arrested in November in a move condemned by human rights groups abroad. Read more: 1. and 2.

Yeps. Blogging is here to stay. In the west where we live, I meant. In Egypt, if one dares writing against the countries supreme leader he/she risks persecution, and probable death.Think about it!Ray deBono, Dmax Malta
EU citizens' 'right' to divorce
Ivan Camilleri Source

Evelyne Gebhardt: "There is no law which says you can be divorced only if you are living in your country".

The European Commission has proposed a law to regularise the jurisdiction of EU courts concerning which law they should apply in case of cross-border divorce. The government has called for an "opt-out" clause so that the legislation would not apply to Malta.
Ivan Camilleri spoke to Evelyne Gebhardt, a German Socialist MEP who is handling this hot dossier for the European Parliament

How do you look upon divorce?The issue has nothing to do with the introduction of divorce. This has to be clear in people's minds. I am German and for us it is normal to have divorce. However, I've been happily married for 32 years and I do not want to divorce. At the same time I recognise the fact that sometimes, unfortunately, divorce is necessary.

Do you consider divorce a fundamental human rig…

More than 270 million want their voice to be heard! Flippin Right!

New call to save EU constitution

Good Morning, Malta! My Island of surreal peace. My Lilliput-landia.

An outpost of ambivalent Europeans suffering from a mass amnesia. Is this the end of our EU-phoria? It is time to stand up and be counted! For once, an issue agreed upon by all local political parties is at stake. And what are we doing about it? Nothing. There is hardly any real debate on this topic. Life goes on. For a second I wonder if this means anything to the crowds that so much cheered or booed the EU membership saga before May 2004; but now, like silent dumb sheep, we are not the least bothered. We got our Petty cash funds. We are patching up our streets. Getting jobs in Brussels.

We move on with our lives, as if nothing is really happening beyond the lovely shores of our islands. We assume that we are the one and only country on earth; the centre of the universe; if anything else exists is must be obviously a threat; or a source to suck up to… How pathetic.

If there had to be an …

Cheating on Your Wife? It might end you up in Jail, for Life!

Yes. And its not a Joke. And Malta maybe next...

With the ever-so-passionate +9 campaign in full swing, an anti-divorce crusade on the go, and with probably one of the highest concentration of churches on earth - we should be next, after Michigan (US), to ban extra marital flings!

The New Bishop will surely have more reasons to smile with the likely backing of such a rule from the ultra-Catholic Government, don't you think? And considering Malta's historic blind backing of Catholic dogmas at state level, I will not be surprised this anti-adultery regime becomes the next mission of some of the many zealot campaigners around, and before we know it, Malta follows suit...

In fact, the Michigan state's appeals court recently ruled that extramarital flings can be prosecuted as first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in jail. "We cannot help but question whether the Legislature actually intended the result we reach here today," Judge William…

The Softer Side of the Dictator

Nurse tells of 'gardener' Saddam

When Sgt Ellis left, Saddam Hussein said he would be his brother Saddam Hussein watered weeds in a jail garden and drank coffee while smoking cigars to keep his blood pressure down, a US army nurse who cared for him says.

In an interview with a US newspaper, Master Sgt Robert Ellis provided a rare glimpse into the last years of Saddam Hussein, who was executed on Saturday. Sgt Ellis looked after the former Iraqi leader - whom they called 'Victor' - in 2004 and 2005 at a camp near Baghdad.

The prisoner rarely complained during his time in captivity, he said. He added that he was under strict orders to do whatever neccessary to keep Saddam alive. "Saddam Hussein cannot die in US custody," he said a US colonel had told him.

'Coping skills'

Sgt Ellis, from St Louis, told the St Louis Post-Dispatch that Saddam Hussein was held in a six foot by eight foot (1.8m to 2.4m) cell with a cot, table, two plastic chairs and two was…