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Dmax is Expanding: Additional Graphic Designers Needed. Full Time.

Dmax is one of Malta’s leading branding companies serving mostly international clients in Malta, Germany & the UK. Read about us at

We are looking for experienced pre-press designers with knowledge of desktop publishing and corporate identity design. Being able to work within a multinational team of branding & studio professionals, developing innovative concepts for international clients is an integral
part of this post.

Applicants must be conversant in the use of mainstream studio design software (such as Freehand, In-design, Page Maker and Photoshop).

Having a drive for outstanding ideas, a distinctive sense of style and related work experience will be considered as assets. Excellent command of English is a must.

Above average conditions commensurate with experience will be offered to the chosen candidate(s).

Send Application, CV plus a portfolio of industry-related works which you have created (in pdf format) by email to Closing date: 6th December 2…

Winter Looming

Winter Looming
I set forth
Seeking droplets on the pavement
Greener bushes on the side

I hug my pillow
Breathing sweet incense
Feeling your velvety skin
And nimble hands so arduous
On my ego

Winter Looming
I set forth
Seeking droplets on the pavement
Greener bushes on the side

Staring at your pale face
Shiny eyes
That speak volumes of blank clammy pages
Of prose that’s never inked
Of Poetry, that’s never shown
The light of day

Winter Looming
I set forth
Seeking droplets on the pavement
Greener bushes on the side

Arms wide open
I welcome
Your darken skies
Wash away my slippery cheeks
With hope of flowery blossom
Around the ides of March

Ray de Bono

Dmax Recruitement Call Summer 08

Viva il-BASS drivers! (aka 'bus drivers' currently going on a rampage with a strike...)

I am not against Strikes. I am against Thugs!
1. How in a modern EU country are certain things allowed to happen?
2. Where are the Police + Armed Forces?
3. What will be the implications on Brand Malta??
4. Is it not illegal to kidnap a Person off a bus, beat him and to block a Street with a vehicle? Was anyone arrested - with all the witnesses around??

Solution: The government should invite other EU transport providers to come and operate emergency services in Malta. The government should offer them and passengers alike security to immediately restore a safe transport service in Malta for all, and quick.

Message to Strikers: Get an education. Nobody is above the law. All other businesses have competition, even pastizzi vendors - YOU are not any more special than the rest of us.

PS: 'Bass' (pronounced exactly like the English word 'bus' in Maltese is slang for 'to fart', or to put in mildly, to 'release air'. Ray de Bono for Dmax Online Blog

Vacancies - Research Project (Short Term)

We are looking for people to assist in a survey being conducted by one of Dmax's Associates.
Please contact our offices if you are interested. More details will be provided upon demand.
Tel. 21347990/989

Who did you call a racist?

Where does Racism stop?
S Africa violence: 'Screams haunt me'

Several thousand foreigners have fled South Africa after days of violent attacks by angry mobs. Among them are many Zimbabweans who prefer to risk the violence there than stay in South Africa.

Thabiso, a 36 year-old Zimbabwean woman, had to flee the township of Thembisa near Johannesburg, after a series of xenophobic attacks.
I was awoken by the sound of screaming on Monday. I realised they had set alight a shack belonging to a Mozambican immigrant.

He tried to escape the fire. But the residents were armed with all sorts of traditional weapons and AK-47 rifles.

They shouted: "Umbambe engabaleki", which means "Don't let him run away" in Zulu.
They threw a brick at his head and he fell down.

The mob caught up with him, doused him with petrol and threw him back into the burning shack.

The screams of the burning Mozambican still haunt me. When I close my eyes to try to sleep, I see the man screaming for h…
Those shadows

what difference do i make in God's fascinating plan...
playing with stars
milking away the years
if I am anything,
what am I?

Not a speck in the tide of time
not a spark in the abyss of hallow skies,
galaxies that inhabit the universe

what difference does it make to be left cold
life or dead?
to disintegrate into the soil
and become one with elements that fathered me...

if my nest grew chilled
and my arms hold themselves
in eerie silence
as I laugh in agony
at the mass ice age that flames around

...what difference do I make in God's fascinating plan?

and who cares if not
the shadows
that accompany me
in this life
bred without our consent
...their eyes flickering
as tears fly and shine
magic wonders
reflecting a reality that we cherish
and dream
in surreal hope
of a life that outlives
the morge

Shadows smile or cry,
they are real
as they speak my heart
and long for my arms
your arms,
...whom I don't know

I wish to hold

what difference would all this make in God's fascinating plan?

Ray …

Here and Now

Here and now
if nice
is precious more than years ago
where bliss is not more than a frill in my memory
that alters and falters by time

Here and now
is dear too,
as I taste, smell, see and feel it
hear it playing
as we speak

Here and now
is really only what I have
as then,
is nothing but
and chance

Here and Now
is by then
my new charms to recall,
as I smile
and thank the moment,
that's already

Ray de Bono

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Glorified Ugliness in our Village Outskirts. Does it make you think?

Ode to our Architectural Prowess

The many pre-historic structures that we have sprouting here and there - are amazing reminders of these island's antiquity and the long standing civilization of their diverse inhabitants.

The medieval limestone walls and bastions that fortify our cities, the old houses that core our villages, the baroque churches that are scattered all over the Maltese islands - aren't they charming and fitting to our weather, environment and temperament? These structures epitomise an age, and in many ways fossilise it.

But don't tell me that most structures erected after from the 1970's onwards, the limestone orgy of Malta's leftist age, the so-called housing for all, have left us with an outer core of ugliness littering our towns and villages; the ominous housing estates - the shear sight of which - gives me a bad mood, now shape most of our urban landscape. Whats more is the fact that for a supposedly noble cause, the use of limestone was made manda…

Common sense prevails. At last!

Malta applies to rejoin PFP
Read more:

The Cabinet has decided that Malta should reactivate its membership in the Partnership for Peace, the government said.

Malta had joined the PFP in 1995 but withdrew its membership in 1996, following a change in government.

The government said that joining the PFP will not effect Malta's neutrality but will enhance its participation within the EU. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Malta will also benefit from the membership since it will be able to participate in different exercises such as humanitarian and rescue exercises.

The fact that Malta was not part of the PFP was creating hindrances since the government did not have access to confidential documents that the NATO and other PFP members exchanged between them.


The price to pay for being a Iraq

Kontu informati? Did you know? Eravate informati?
Kidnapped Iraqi archbishop dead from:

Archbishop Rahho's body was found buried near MosulPaulos Faraj Rahho, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop in Iraq who was kidnapped last month, has been found dead near the northern city of Mosul.

An Iraqi police officer and morgue official confirmed reports that the archbishop's body had been found buried near Mosul, where he had been abducted.

The Vatican said Pope Benedict XVI was profoundly moved and saddened by Archbishop Rahho's death.

He was kidnapped soon after he left Mass in Mosul on 29 February.
According to the SIR Catholic news agency, the kidnappers told Iraqi church officials on Wednesday that Archbishop Rahho was very ill and, later on Wednesday, that he was dead.
It is not clear whether he was killed, or died of natural causes. Nobody has claimed responsibility for his death.

The archbishop was the latest in a long line of Chalde…

It could be the weather, my long days at work, my personal life or simply the electrifying election fever but I feel inspired by it all...

Tomorrow Beckons

I am scared

and my limits haunt


as when I think I know them

I am petrified as they fall


or rather


than my Ego dictates.

So I wonder

and stare


into the oblivious tomorrow

and the surprises

it holds.

Ray de Bono