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Goodmorning, Malta!

The problem with illegal immigrants in Malta is not the illegal immigrants themselves but the Maltese people!

Why I like Daphne's Reasoning...
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There isn’t a single EU member state that hasn’t got problems with illegal immigration, and here come the whining Maltese, behaving as though illegal immigration was invented just for Malta. There are illegal immigrants pouring in to the EU from every point on its borders except the Atlantic coast, and even there hopeful immigrants are working their way in from Morocco to the tip of Spain and Portugal. Albanians have been pouring in to Greece and Italy for years. Bulgarians and Romanians, before they became part of the EU, were streaming in and making their way all over. Russians and Serbians are everywhere. The big cities of Europe are chock-a-block with Chinese. Almost all these people want to make their way to the United Kingdom as the ultimate pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. They try desperate measures to get in, incl…