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MALTA: New Ideas Needed!

In Malta we are blessed with an abundance on sun and wind energy, not to mention wave energy. This surely presents us with potentially suitable alternative energy sources given we (and forget about the government, people), WE the Maltese ourselves come up with feasible options. We cannot keep depending on our governments. We can take the initiative. We can succeed.

It takes a good, bright idea, and loads of motivation. We can do it.

Portugal managed. Why not us?

Portugal opens major solar plant

The solar power plant is based in one of Europe's sunniest areas of Portugal and is probably the world's most powerful solar power plant.

The array of electricity-generating solar panels covers about 60 hectares (150 acres) in one of Europe's sunniest areas in southern Portugal. Officials say the plant should produce enough energy to supply 8,000 homes.

The plant is part of Portugal's efforts to cut its reliance on imported fuel and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that add to glo…

At the soft underbelly of Europe

We have been there. Fought potentially oblivious of forming an integral part of the tapestry of Europe, yet our forefathers died on the battle ground that has morphed the Europe that is today. And now it’s the 50th Anniversary. A call for celebration, of the peace secured, of people united, of sovereignty shared, of shared differences, languages, races and livelihoods.

We are new in the Union but as age old Europeans we have shared a common history to most of our neighbours; as a Roman province, a Moorish conquest, a Norman liberated land, a Spanish dominion, a reluctant Knights base, a French dominion and ultimately, a willing British Colony.

Irrespective of their geographical and numeric disadvantages, the Maltese too have paid a dear price and in many humble yet instrumental ways, moulded European history in its present shape.

At the soft underbelly of Europe lies our semi desert island, over populated, thriving economy, petty environmental standards, peripheral if not pathetic politi…

We are Pathetic.