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At the soft underbelly of Europe

We have been there. Fought potentially oblivious of forming an integral part of the tapestry of Europe, yet our forefathers died on the battle ground that has morphed the Europe that is today. And now it’s the 50th Anniversary. A call for celebration, of the peace secured, of people united, of sovereignty shared, of shared differences, languages, races and livelihoods.

We are new in the Union but as age old Europeans we have shared a common history to most of our neighbours; as a Roman province, a Moorish conquest, a Norman liberated land, a Spanish dominion, a reluctant Knights base, a French dominion and ultimately, a willing British Colony.

Irrespective of their geographical and numeric disadvantages, the Maltese too have paid a dear price and in many humble yet instrumental ways, moulded European history in its present shape.

At the soft underbelly of Europe lies our semi desert island, over populated, thriving economy, petty environmental standards, peripheral if not pathetic political woes, yet a forward looking European Nation with a lot to share!

We crave for a driving force that engulfs this stretched continent from its ambivalent tips and toes, and from its east and west economic extremes, into one bundle of positive momentum.

We long for visionary leaders, a guiding light at these intrepid moments in our joint history.

We long for a more integral European drive, as one on an international level, where Europe speaks as one voice in today’s every more challenging world.

We look forward to a more unified European political framework that values and integrates minorities in the overall picture that instigates a sense of entrepreneurship in those regions lagging the drive; that fosters acceptance of varied cultures.

But as we wait, we do not dream but act. Our action is peaceful but fearless. We write, we debate, we press for positive renewal through a free and open media. We are fed up of pathetic consensus that only drifts people apart. We want a Europe of action, of results driven initiatives. We want a Europe of accountability and respect and propagation for human rights beyond the shores of the continent.

We dream of a Europe that actively promotes peace, prosperity in the Euro Med and Middle East. We want a Europe that promotes women’s rights, freedom of expression and the spreading of democracy.

We want action as one European body, not an assortment of pathetic single voice initiatives, from single countries within the bloc. We want a Europe that stands by the poor, the desolate, and the abused that surround our inspiring continent at the south and near/middle east. This is best achieved by actively sorting out problems at their historical and cultural roots, and not just by sprinkling million of Euros every year in the hands of immoral dictators that abound in the region, with never any sign of improvement. We have had enough of this!

At the soft underbelly of Europe we, the Maltese, can be the European voice for the region, altogether with our EU neighbours, sharing the same ideals and aspirations.

I believe that such action, such initiatives, involving not just the political classes, but a broader social spectrum that includes students, clerics, business people, artists and sport people, will make a longer lasting impact on the social, political and economic well being of our immediate neighbours. It will aso serve to create a common front, and a more patriotic European stance amongst the EU populace, a stronger heart felt desire of being European, and proud!

Happy Birthday EU!

Ray de Bono, for Dmax Blogspot Malta


Evan said…
We are Europeans because we want to have a proactive involvement in the development of the community? Or 'we are europeans' because EU gives us money? It's a pity that politicians often tend to preach the most simplest wa yto get people's vote and not preach the real values that tiny Malta should embrace.

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