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Dmax is Expanding in Germany

Jens Thomas,IT Director VfW GmbH, Germany speaks to our blog editor about his company's experience with Dmax.

Where does Vfw GmbH rank right now in your sector and where do you see your company in five years time?

Vfw started to offer a solution for German health care market in the middle of the 90's and established itself as a clear market leader in this sector. In 2008 the German government introduced the 5th Novella of the packaging law. As a result of this law, Vfw started launched a new service product called Vfw REPACK DS on 1st January 2009. At the moment there are 9 service providers in the market. Vfw won so far from this ex monopolized market a share of about 3 to 4 % nationwide and it is our target to get 10% of the whole packaging market in the near future.

VfW operates in the green industry sector, contributing to a better environment by recycling otherwise wasted resources. How has IT helped your operations apart from the traditional administrative resources it provides, in terms of work efficiency, cost cutting, management and increase in output?

Vfw, as the originator of a take-back system in Germany, organizes the recycling from nearly 40,000 tons of paper, 15,000 tons of plastics and about 20,000 tons of glass in 2007. The base and fulcrum of the organization of no less than 500 suppliers covering transportation, assorting and recycling is our IT System. In addition to the organization of the supplier we manage simultaneously the guidelines by law for our customer. In cooperation with Dmax we built a system called MERLIN which integrates the flow of commodity, in our case paper, glass, plastic etc., with the cash flow. Together with Dmax, VfW has turned a very complex system into a more manageable and effecient logistics service that translated in more income at bottom line level.

How has the software developed by Dmax experts helped your operation?

Vfw made the first experience with DMAX in a warehousing project called “LUKAS”. Building up of the required knowhow of the industry and the processes with its employees and realization of the solution with its IT experts was Dmax's main strength. It is the philosophy of Vfw to create innovative and reasonable solutions and Dmax fitted in this vision smoothly.

Dmax developed and is developing software solutions of a high level and help companies like Vfw to optimize the internal processes and the external client access.

How come did you go for a tailored solution instead of possible existing off-the-shelf alternatives?

Vfw works in a very particular market niche, so an off-the-shelf solution is not on the market. The main process is integrated in our ERP System, and all special features have been realized with the Dmax team. At the moment we are planning the integration between the ERP system and the Dmax solution based on the web services.

With this move we will take the next step on our way of process optimization. With thousand of IT firms sprawling all over Germany, why did you specifically opt for a firm based in Malta?

We made a lot of different experiences with German IT firms. Good ones and not so good ones. The reason for the cooperation with Dmax is the excellent price versus performance ratio. We get as well trained software engineers as we get in Germany for a better price and better motivation. The next point is that the cultural differences between Germany and Malta are minimal. I note that employees of our IT department enjoy the teamwork with Dmax, and that’s the important point to realize the project in budget and time.

Now that Merlin has passed your rigorous quality testing and has received your seal of approval by management, where do you see this new system moving on to in future?

The new system will spread out in other parts of our business. Especially after the connection to our ERP System INFOR ERP LN (former BaaN) with the web services Merlin will be integrated part of our IT solution. We think that the combination of the ERP System for the main processes like finance, controlling and order management together with the tailored solution by Dmax for dealing with the special aspects of our business is a good basis for the future.

Dmax is committing more human resources to meet your expanding operations. How do you see your company relationship with Dmax developing in the next 5 years?

Dmax will be our partner for the developing of the integrated new IT Solution. We are working close with the Maltese team and see potentials for the two companies as our logistical systems can be exported to other regions, even outside of German borders, where our services are increasing in demand.

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