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To be or not to be Real

A Maltese Young Person in Brazil

Ray Bartolo is an avid reader of this blog. He is extremely articulate and we often exchange opinions - even though we may not be always in tandem on all issues...

I like the guy!


To be a part of 6 participants on a TV Reality show was something that I always dreamt of doing. And when I have a dream I make it a point that the dream will come true, and actually it did. Liquorish is no Grande Fratello or L’Isola dei Famosi, nor it is ‘Xarabank’ or ‘Becky’. Its not a super mega popular programme on the Maltese National TV station, yet the feeling I had when I was chosen to take part in this reality show was something which is not easily described and I couldn’t resist not to accept.

Last July the adventure started. The dangerous forests of Brazil were our destinations. We had 13 flights in all, including 2 11hours flights. At start it was difficult for me to integrate with the other 6 participants. They all had someone they knew, except me. It was very difficult for me to build up a conversation with them. Some of them despised me, some of them thought that I am strange and that I like to complain. If this was a Grande Fratello, I would have been the first one to be chosen to eliminate. Anyway, as time rolled by I managed to infiltrate the group and ironically at the end all the participants chose me as the most person who managed to go along with all of them during the journey.

In Brazil lots of things happened. I got drunk, ate a worm, played with and HIV+ girl, climbed trees, touched snakes and crocodiles, swam with piranhas and crocodiles, jumped from 600-feet high mountain, experienced horse riding, canoeing and surfing, almost got bitten by a tarantula, slept in a hut in the middle of Amazon Forest, lived for a whole week on a boat, etc. My adventures were countless. This adventure turned out to be one of the best things ever happened to me in my whole life. Simply fascinating. Liquorish crew were simply great, Andrea, the presenter, is a very nice person, and the other 5 participants were really fun.

I am a person who is thrilled by frightening adventures. And this adventure was full of tension and frights, which made the adventure even more interesting for me. My very first fright was the departure by the plane from Germany to Brazil. A start to an 11-hour flight in the ocean. My latest fright was that I would end last in the Televoting. Unfortunately this is happening and its not one of those frights which I enjoy, definitely not. So please dial this number now 50043185, or send an SMS with Ray on it to 50616716, so that I won’t end up in the last place. Your help is highly appreciated.

My last few words is to say thanks to all those who gave me their support for my participation on this program, especially to my lovely girlfriend Katya who gave me the go ahead and encouraged me to go for this adventure. Thanks to all of you who have already voted for me and for all those of you who are prospective voters. So now, every Sunday at 6.50pm make your way in front of your TV, put the channel on TVM and I can assure you that you won’t switch the channel since Liquorish is one of the few TV Programmes ever made in Malta that shows a real reality show.

written be Ray Bartolo (published as it was presented)


Ray said…
Dear readers, just wanted to add that this is an exclusive article, and the information given in it has not yet been published or broadcasted.

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